Maruf Education Trust launches fellowship program for Central Asian education leaders

·        Maruf Education Trust (MET) has launched a fellowship programme designed to equip Central Asian education executives and founders with the skills and strategies needed to make a meaningful impact in the region.
·        This is the first program of its kind in Central Asia that focuses on bringing together educators from private and public sectors with a curriculum based on the case method.
·        The first cohort of Maruf Fellows will start on 31 January 2023 and last for four weeks. Overall, the program will graduate 144 fellows in 2023. 

Press release
Maruf Education Trust (MET) announces the launch of its Maruf Fellows program and invites aspiring Central Asian educators and edupreneurs to apply. The program aims to empower the next generation of Central Asians in education through courses that focus on strategic and practical skills necessary to open new schools and become edtech entrepreneurs.
The program's first cohort will commence their fellowship on 31 January 2023. The case-based courses and workshops will be delivered by experienced professionals committed to empowering the region's educators.
"Maruf Fellows will gain skills and network that are critical to succeed in the education ecosystem of Central Asia," said Gabit Bekakhmetov, Chief Education Officer of Maruf Education Trust, a fund formed to allow investors to capitalize on their education savings.
Citizens and residents of Central Asian countries interested in education management, investments and technology are encouraged to apply to Maruf Fellows 2023 by emailing their resumes and motivation letters to by 20 January 2023. Overall, the program will graduate 144 fellows in 2023.